A Doctor owned and operated site that will attempt to ease your stress and answer your questions specific to occupational injuries and assist you in seeking appropriate treatment options in the State of Texas.

Hello and welcome to Texas Work Comp Doctors. Com. We are a doctor owned and operated website dedicated to providing injured workers important information about what you can expect and what you should insist on from your workers’ compensation doctor. It is important to note that not all doctors all created equal when it comes to the treatment of injured workers. Therefore, make sure that you choose a doctor that understands how to examine, diagnose and treat you effectively while understanding the rules and regulations of Texas work comp. Most importantly, make sure your doctor cares about meeting your goals above the goals of the insurance company or employer. We hope our experience in helping tens of thousands of injured workers can bring you help as well. Best wishes.

Welcome to Texasworkcompdoctors.com

Have you or someone you care about been injured on the job? If so, you will quickly find out that seeking appropriate treatment from a job injury in the state of Texas can be a very challenging and frustrating experience. We have therefore created this website to help you thru the workers’ compensation process. This Doctor owned and operated site will attempt to ease your stress and answer your questions specific to occupational injuries outlined within the following three areas:

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We are confident that our 18 years in workers’ compensation clinical management will allow you or yours to better achieve timely and appropriate treatment, thus allowing for the best possible outcome.

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